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Development trend of soft ferrite materials of soft ferrite materials


Now soft ferrite products, high-tech applications account for 22%, such as digital communication, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), radio frequency broadband, anti-electromagnetic interference (EMI), high-definition display, automotive electronics. The traditional medium and low-end product fields account for 78%, such as TV sets, power adapters, electronic ballasts, ordinary switching power supply transformers, and antenna rods.
On the whole, the performance of China's ferrite magnets is still in the middle and low grades. Although the output ranks first in the world, the output value is not ideal. At present, the total output value of magnetic materials in China is about 26.5 billion yuan, the output value of permanent magnet ferrite is 6.2 billion yuan, and the average price is 15,000 yuan/ton; the output value of soft ferrite is 9.3 billion yuan, and the average price is 31,000 yuan/ton. Magnets, NdFeB magnets and metal magnets accounted for 11 billion yuan in the market. 1. The rising cost of labor and energy is a trend;
2. It is still inevitable that the price of raw materials will continue to rise in fluctuations;
3. The export of magnetic products and electronic components will slowly recover in the twists and turns
4. The fierce competition and price war of domestic downstream users will inevitably force the price of magnetic material enterprises to decline, and the profit will gradually decline
5. It is difficult for enterprises to survive in the production of popular medium and low-grade magnetic material products without production scale
6. Enterprises with cost advantages and technological advantages will be well developed
7. The overall level of research, development and production of magnetic materials in China will be on par with the international advanced level, and the country will move forward from a big country producing magnetic materials to a strong country.