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Uses of soft ferrite


The magnetic permeability of telecom ferrite is from 750 to 2300, with low loss factor, high quality factor Q, and stable permeability with temperature/time. It is the slowest decline in permeability during operation, about It declines by 3% to 4% every 10 years. Widely used in high-Q filters, tuned filters, load coils, impedance matching transformers, proximity sensors. Broadband ferrite is also known as high permeability ferrite, and its permeability is 5000, 10000 and 15000 respectively. It is characterized by low loss factor, high permeability, and high impedance/frequency characteristics. Widely used in common mode filters, saturated inductors, current transformers, leakage protectors, insulation transformers, signal and pulse transformers, and are widely used in broadband transformers and EMI. Power ferrite has a high saturation magnetic flux density of 4000 to 5000Gs. Also has a low loss/frequency relationship and a low loss/temperature relationship. That is to say, as the frequency increases, the loss does not increase much; as the temperature increases, the loss does not change much. Widely used in power choke coils, parallel filters, switching power supply transformers, switching power supply inductors, and power factor correction circuits.